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French Property For Sale With No Agents Fees

Information for Buyers

Having bought property and lived in France for over 15 years and operated a more traditional estate agency in the Dordogne region, we are fully aware of the processes and fees involved. Estate agents in France typically charge a 6% sale fee, which although is usually included in the advertised price of a property.

As the average estate agent fee in the UK is typically 1.5% - 2%, there has been a growing reluctance to pay these fees or certainly at this level.


As an example, under a traditional estate agent agreement; if the sale price of a property is €300,000 the property, after the estate agent fees have been added on, will be marketed at €318,000. Once sold, the buyer would pay €318,000, the estate agent would receive €18,000 and the vendor would receive €300,000

We, therefore, offer an alternative approach; we charge the vendor an annual advertising fee. The property is advertised at the agreed sale price without any estate agent fees added on.

Under our agreement, the property would be marketed at €300,000, the vendor would receive €300,000 and the buyer would pay €300,000

In addition, we put the buyer in direct contact with the owner to arrange a viewing. No estate agent is involved.

We are passionate about living in France, as it has been our home for over 15 years. There are many beautiful villages, towns and bastides to visit and explore across the country. Our region of the Dordogne is particularly famous for its wine growing chateaux, prehistoric caves, Roman ruins as well as being a popular destination for English property buyers and holiday makers - affectionately known as Little England.

Living in France

The purchase process in France is administered by a Notaire, who is a government appointee and independent from both the buyer and the seller, it is common practice for only one Notaire to be involved.

Notaires fees and French Government taxes, the equivalent of Solicitors fees and stamp duty in the UK; here is a list of estimated fees based on sale price, for guidance only, the acting Notaire will provide the actual figure.

It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide the appropriate surveys and reports in advance of the sale.

Purchase Price

Approximate Fees

Purchase Price

Approximate Fees